Women are Dominent

May 26, 2010

When I went to Japan last summer, a lecturer came to talk to the international students that were in Japan. I forget what the lecturer’s name was, but she was an anthropologist that was studying Japanese pop culture. One of her claims after living in Japan for her research for five years was that women were becoming the dominant gender. Since World War II men in Japan have been viewed to people in Japan as weak and worthless, and is one of the factors that caused the gender dominance switch. She explained that she found more men adopting feminine characteristics to try to regain their dominance over women. This type of thinking more or less seems to be caused by subconscious thinking stemming from society’s pressures from men. Such pressures include becoming a successful salery-man, attending a prestigious college, and the Japan depopulation issue.

In this picture one can clearly see the evolution of the Japanese man from masculine to feminine.

Skirts have recently been revered by men as being stylish as well.

Dominance really should not exist between genders, but each society will always view something (gender, race, background) as dominant or subordinate. It is up to the person to decide whether or not to coincide their views with their society such subjects.