May 25, 2010

Rapelay is a Japanese game where you are able to rape female characters in the game in an urban setting. A few months ago CNN did a story on it emphasizing how depriving it was for women. The Feminist group called “Equality Now” have pushed for bans for such games, and recently were able to pull the game off international shelves.

This type of ban is similar to the lolicon-ban that I discussed a few days ago. This type of expression, even though immoral, is a form of expression that should not be banned on the grounds that society does not see this type of art as normal. There are millions of people out there with millions of different fetishes, and I think that allowing people to play such a game as Rapelay is a safe way for them to do their business without harming an actual person. Restriction of this form of expression may lead to more actual forms of rape occurring to real people or the distribution of such outlawed games to increase via the internet. There will always be people who will demean women or other groups of people in some way, and the only way to get around it is to be confident in oneself and get through it.