Chobits is a manga/anime that was written by a group of all-female authors that refer to themselves as Clamp. Chobits begins when Hideki Motosuwa, a student trying to get into college, is considering to buy a persocom. Persocoms can be described as androids used as personal computers and in this setting all of the persocoms have female bodies. Hideki is unable to buy a persocom because they are quite expensive, but is able to find one in perfect condition in the trash. After turning on the persocom that he names Chii, he finds that she could only learn when taught and was unable to go on the internet or do other normal persocom functions. Hideki eventually falls in love with  Chii, and throughout the rest of the story he tries to discover her mysterious origins.

Hideki is a great representation of how a male should act toward a female. Even though Chii is an object, Hideki still treats her as a real person and often gets embarrassed when looking at her female figure. To the rest of the world, using persocoms to relieve sexual desires is normal, but to Hideki it is just absurd. He is unable to do sexual acts to Chii, because he sees her with a personality and soul rather then a thing used for pleasure. Thus, what the Clamp writers wanted to show their readers is that males should treat women as people and not as a sexual objects.


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