Vocoloid:Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a character that originates from a voice synthesizer program called vocoloid made by Yamaha Corporation. The first vocoloid program included the voice of the fictional character, Hatsune Miku. Because of the incredible popularity of Miku, the Yamaha Corporation would soon make many other voices and characters to please their fans. Even though these voices are made by a computer, the characters that emerged have gained their own personalities and have even created an album of songs.

So what made Miku so popular? I would like to say that her voice entranced thousands of people to adore her, but there is another aspect of her that lures these fans in as well. This aspect would be the way she is illustrated as the perfect woman in the eyes of her fans. The fans that love her for her image constructs the ideal woman as having the characteristics of being skinny, cute, having long hair, and having a small chest. The first three characteristics can coincide with society’s normal view of what woman should be, but the last characteristic does not match up. Usually men would want a woman with large breasts, but Miku’s fans think differently. These fans see a small chest as a sign of purity and youthfulness. Thus, a woman must have the physique of a fourteen year old girl to be ideal in the eyes of these men.

First, it is bad to think that a woman must concide to a males’s defenition of ideal beauty, but in the eyes of Miku fans, women must also have a child like physique. This view of small and cute thus reinforces the argument that a woman must appear weaker to men for them to look more attractive and/or accepted.

This ideal of cute and small can be clearly seen in Hatsune Miku’s new game, where she can be dressed up in many cute and provocative outfits while singing her famous songs.


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