The meaning of Moé (萌え) literally means the budding of a plant, but it generally used as a slang term in Japanese that can mean extremely cute or a strong interest for a character archetype in anime/manga. Examples of categories of moé are glasses-moé, cat-moé, and maid-moé. On english forums and image boards I mostly hear the term used to describe something that is extremely cute. The plot of these moé anime/manga can be explained as “cute girls, doing cute things”.

The term moé can both describe males and females in anime/manga, but when it is portrayed in females, negative connotations arise. For example, in some cases a female character can be considered moé because of her clumsiness or lack of intelligence. In both cases it establishes the character as weak, because they presented as this kind of  moé. Thus, this leads people to think that women are fragile and males are powerful. It also shows that men see attractive women as being this type of cuteness which is refined by characteristics that are detrimental to the status of females.


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