Shounen is a genre of anime and manga that usually involves a storyline about saving the world or saving the girl. This type of manga/anime is almost endless often taking up hundreds of volumes of books or hundreds of episodes. One of the main themes is leveling up ones power, which includes physical power, magical power, or spiritual power. There are many titles out there that are included into this genre, but the ones known as “The Big Three” are Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. They are pretty good series, but American fans tend to ruin them because of their obnoxious and ridiculous behavior of expressing their fandom.

This type of anime/manga becomes a point of interest when we discuss the type of female roles that are displayed. Women are often displayed as useless in the story because they never have the same level of power as the lead male character. At times they are portrayed as the healer type character offering assistance to the other characters. They are also drawn in a way that sexualizes women, because you usually see them with large breasts and a perfect figure. We also can not forget that the woman may also go into the cliched role of the “damsel in distress”. In conclusion, the shounen genre reinforces the gender view of women being weak in today’s society.


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