3D Pig Disguesting

This is what one would hear from many anime otaku in Japan. The word otaku is defined as a person who has gone into the obsession of a hobby. In this case of anime otaku, these people drown their lives with anything anime related including their women. They believe that the perfect woman can only be in 2D, often referring to real women as 3D pig disgusting. This sort of perception arises because women in anime are illustrated as ideal women. The ideal women in terms of otaku men include characteristics of being pure, skinny, and cute. There are even reported divorce cases involving a man cheating on their wives with an anime girl.

The creation of such ideal women in anime brings about pressures to woman in Japan to become more toward this ideal. Japanese women will now not only compete with other women for companionship but will also compete with these fictional characters. Creation of such an ideal image is also quite sexist in the fact that a female must have all these characteristics exemplified by fictional characters to be more excepted in their society.


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