Marriage in Japan

In my studies of of the Japanese culture, I have found that the reason for marriage is largely financial. The idea of marrying someone for love in Japan has just recently in the past view decades been the increasing, which is largely in part of western influences.

In Japan, a woman can achieve the same education as a man, but can not attain the same level of work or income that the man can in a traditional Japanese company. In most cases the highest a female can get in a company is a secretary position. If it is a female owned company, women can attain much higher positions, but these companies are still quite scarce. To support themselves and their buying habits, a woman will either work two to three jobs or marry someone with a high income. Thus, if a woman wants to live a life working only one job or a life only tending the the household, she must marry a rich man because the society she lives in traps her into doing so. This then leads to both males and females thinking that Japanese woman are only interested in money when thinking of marriage and nothing else. Which then leads to multiple pressures that are put on women in Japan that can come from women and men  from the initial act of sexism on salary in Japan.


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